Classic Martini

The most classic and simple of drinks. And a very potent one at that.
Keyword: Dry Martini, Martini, Olives, Shaken Not Stirred
Cocktail Catagory: Classic, Martini
Cocktail Ingredient: Dry Vermouth, Vodka
FoodOrDrink: Drink


  • 5 oz Vodka (or Gin) Use the good stuff!!!!
  • 1/2 oz Dry Vermouth
  • 3 or 4 ea Olives Use your favorite kind!!!!


  • Add the vodka and vermouth together in the cocktail shaker
  • Add a scoop of ice
  • Shake vigorously
  • Strain into martini glass
  • Garnish with olives


  • To order this exact drink in a bar, you’d say “Dry (Brand of Vokda) Martini, Up, with stuffed olives”
    • The “Dry” designates that you want only a slight amount of dry vermouth (oddly enough, saying “wet” would get you a larger portion).
    • The “Up” designation means to you want it strained without any ice.
  • If you wanted to make a “dirty” martini, you’d add some olive juice to the mixture.
  • A lot of debate over shaken or stirred.  The thought being that shaken martinis get more watered down.  My opinion?  If shaken was good enough for James Bond, it’s good enough for me.  And let’s be honest…. even a “watered down” martini is enough to put some folks into a daze.
  • I personally avoid blue cheese stuffed olives in public establishments unless they are stuffed by the restaurant themselves.  For whatever reason, I really enjoy freshly stuffed blue cheese olives, but not canned.  Here are instructions on how to make your own Stuffed Olives.
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